1. I don’t see pyRevitMEP extension in pyRevit extensions.
    • A: Try to update pyRevit.
  2. I think there is a bug.
  3. I want to contribute.
    • Don’t forget to contribute to pyRevit too !
    • if you are coding : it is open source, do not hesitate to send a pull request.
    • if you are not coding : you can help in many ways like enhancing documentation, making nice icons, sharing the way you use pyRevitMEP with your colleagues and friends, leaving an encouraging message, donate to pyRevitMEP or other opensource projects.


  1. I would like to learn python.
    • python is a very friendly coding language. There is many great tutorials like :
  2. What IDE should I use ?
    • I recommend PyCharm as it literally changed my coding life. It helps a lot ! The community edition is opensource and free for python and scientific developpements
    • Eclipse, Notepad++, VisualStudio with PTVS (but you know… it is Microsoft…)

Revit API

  1. I want to learn about Revit API.
    • Follow this course on pyRevit youtube channel.
    • Harry Mattison’s course is great to get into Revit API but unfortunately in C#.
    • Take a look at my old blog articles. They are pretty simple.
  2. How to find deeper infos on Revit API ?

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