Best wishes for 2018 and pyRevitMEP extension update for pyRevit 4.5

pyRevit 4.5 has been released on 01.01.2018 with huge improvements. Make sure to check Ehsan post if you are interested to discover main new features.

Some change breaking have required some change on pyRevitMEP but thanks to Ehsan explanation videos and docs it was a piece of cake.

On an other hand, I added many new features to pyRevitMEP (some in labs) but I lack of time to write articles on new features at the moment.

To get all updates Make sure to :

  1. Uninstall previous version of pyRevit (strongly recommended according to Ehsan post)
  2. Install pyRevit 4.5 from official installer (or manually with git if you like)
  3. Install pyRevitMEP from extension manager (or clone it from github)

I wish all the best for 2018 and hope that we’ll all get a little more open source code, engineering, agriculture etc…

Check they do great things !

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